Props and Prototypes

Occasionally we get special projects that go beyond just design and production; sometimes we get to construct facsimiles of products. Here are a few samples:

Valentine’s Day Cards – Jewelry Commercial

Jared Jewelers did two jewelry company commercials set in a card shop, so they needed cards that were rights-cleared for use. We produced four “hero” cards, 2o more for foreground use, and another 70 random background cards.

Comic Books – Law & Order: SVU

An episode of the series had a scene set in a comic book shop, and they needed comics unencumbered by licensing or clearance issues. We got permission from several friends to use characters they had created, and produced a collection of comic books to fill the racks on the set.

Who Hash – Commission

A friend wanted to give out cans of Who Hash, mentioned in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, so we designed and printed labels for standard 15 ounce cans.

Beer Bottles – Demo Pieces

Some years back we created beer bottle labels for a community theater production; a few years later, we did a t-shirt design for a comedic beer label.  Some years after that, we put the two together as a sample project. “Bulimia Beer – It’s Upwardly Mobile.”