Comic Book Production

So you’ve created a comic book… Now what?
The process of getting a comic book from art boards or Photoshop files to the printed page is a complicated one. If you don’t understand the difference between RGB and CMYK or the importance of image resolution, you might end up with a final product that you’re not happy with. You want your comic to look the best it can, and the pre-press production is a vital part of that. We can help with all aspects of comic book production:

Scanning & Formatting
Preparing your comic to print involves a number of special skills; scanning and formatting is vital. Making sure your pages are the right size, resolution and file type; eliminating pencil marks, making sure the blacks are black and linework crisp, these are all part of the job. We’re experts at it, having scanned original art for DC Comics, Keebler Cookies, Alter Ego magazine and many more.


There is a lot that goes into a comic book other than the story. You need a masthead, a company logo, editorial page design; you need an expert. We have over 30 years of experience in publication design. Here are some logos and pages we’ve designed:



It’s been said that type is “a visible voice.” The right typography can help to establish your image and reputation. We have lettered numerous comic books and related projects, including works by Stan Sakai, Scott Shaw! and Kurt Busiek, and have handled typographic chores for textbooks, advertisements, CD and DVD packaging, consumer electronics, trading cards, catalogs and much more.


We were there at the dawn of the computer coloring revolution, applying color to pages of the Hulk and the Simpsons at Electric Crayon in the mid-1990s. We’ve been around long enough to know that coloring is more than just filling shapes in Photoshop; color helps in telling the story, directing the eye, setting the mood, and adding depth to the art. We also understand the practicalities of color — dot gain, ink saturation, and the technical requirements of modern printing technology. We’ve colored (and gray-toned!) for About Comics and Rochester Electronics, among others, and have flatted for a few colorists.


Proofreading & Production
We have handled all aspects of comic book production, including art and text corrections, color adjustments, and resizing of pages to match the printer’s specs. We have created editorial pages, ads, games, puzzles, and many other features for comics, as well as DVD and CD packaging, trade show graphics, and consumer product packaging. We can handle any task you throw at us.


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  1. i have a comic book i am designing and i wanted to get a quote on your services.

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